Hikkaduwa Sunset Beach walk

Renown hub for nightlife, Hikkaduwa is home to a lot of hip-island-living boutique shops. Hikkaduwa beach is also known for its beauty and known to have a long stretch of swimmable beach attracting both local and foreign guests for a day out on the sun.


From Sundara by Mosvold : 32min , 20 Km

Turtle Hatchery Habaraduwa

The southern coast is home to many hatcheries as the locals cherish the tiny four-legged sea creatures. The conservation of sea turtles has become a part of the island life to the locals. Experience and be a part of hatching turtle eggs and releasing them to sea safely to their larger than life voyage.

From Mosvold Villa : 8min , 5.9 Km

Bentota Water Sports

Bentota is known to be the hub for water sports in Sri Lanka. Just 20 minutes away Sundara in Balapitiya, Bentota gives travelers access to a variety of water sports including Jet Skiing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Paramotoring, Water Skiing, Banana Boat Rides, and many more.

From Sundara by Mosvold : 28min , 18.3 Km

Galle Fort

The Galle Fort, or Dutch Fort as it is also known, is a fortification first built by the Portuguese on the Southwestern coast of Sri Lanka. The initial fortifications, which were built in the late 16th century, were quite basic. However, the fort underwent extensive modifications in the 17th century by the Dutch, making it one of the most important archeological, architectural and historic monuments to illustrate the European influence in South East Asia between the 16th and 19th centuries. It is now a monument recognized by UNESCO as a protected heritage site.

From Sundara by Mosvold : 29min , 18.3 Km

From Mosvold Villa : 30min , 18.4 Km

Ambalangoda Masks Museum

The cinnamon Island in Madu river lets you explore the ancient spice in an experiential journey. Take the trails of the planter and witness the process of cinnamon making. From tree to spice, this remote plantation and it’s farmers use historical techniques to harvest Cinnamon.

From Sundara by Mosvold : 11min , 6.3 Km

Madu River Safari

Explore the mangrove jungles of the Magnificent Madu River. This guided tour will take you through this enormous river navigating through fishermen, koi fish spas, The Cinnamon Island, Temples, Kovils, and much more. Madu River Safari is an adventurous journey that’ll let you explore the complete ecosystem of an enormous lake and its visiting codependents.

From Sundara by Mosvold : 5min , 2.0 Km

Lunuganga Estate By Geoffrey Bawa

The Lunuganga Estate was the country house of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. The estate had been used as a cinnamon estate during the Dutch era and then a rubber plantation under the British. In 1948, the small house in the estate was given on rent to the local tax collector. In 1949 newly qualified lawyer Geoffrey Bawa bought it from its owner intending to convert the estate bungalow into a weekend house and create a tropical version of a European renaissance garden.

From Sundara by Mosvold : 30min , 17.3 Km

Cinnamon Experience Koggala

The cinnamon experience in Koggala lets you explore the ancient spice in an experiential journey. Take the trails of the planter and be treated to a lunch inspired by Cinnamon. The experience also includes a Sunset Tea session and also teach you to cook with Cinnamon.

From Mosvold Villa : 13min , 5.6 Km


Wildlife Safari

The highest density of leopards in Asia is recorded in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. It is also one of the only natural habitats where the leopard is the Alpha Predator thus increasing the probability of sighting these magnificent animals more. Take an adventurous stroll in a 4 x 4 with an experienced guide into the national park.

From Sundara by Mosvold : 2.56Hr , 18.4 Km

From Mosvold Villa : 2.0Hr , 152 Km


Whale & Dolphin Watching Mirissa

Witness the largest living creature on the planet on a tour south of Mirissa on a boat. The tour takes you over 20-30Km into the sea to witness the natural habitat of these magnificent creatures along with an abundance of Dolphins.

From Mosvold Villa : 13mn , 14.3 Km

From Sundara by Mosvold : 1.18Hr , 73.18 Km

Sunandarama Maha Viharaya

Sunandarama Maha Viharaya is a unique temple in the rural Ambalangoda. The temple boasts several architectural features with tall arches and ancient carvings. A popular spot for photographers.

From Sundara by Mosvold : 15.0mn , 8.1 Km

Kabalana – Ahangama Beach

Recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Sri Lanka By VOGUE Magazine Paris, Kabalana beach is one of the longest stretches of beautiful beaches in the south coast. As the monsoon season is over, the beach is calm and opens up access to a large pool of sandy beach and swimmable sea for the entire family.

From Mosvold Villa : 4mn , 2 Km

Tea Plantation

A little north of Mosvold Villa in Ahangama is the Handunugoda Tea Estate, sip away and enjoy some of the best tea Sri Lanka has in the offer. Learn how tea is cultivated and made whilst exploring the tea museum for some ancient history of tea and Sri Lanka.

From Mosvold Villa : 13mn , 6.2 Km

Cycling Tours Ahangama

Take a guided tour into the interiors of Sri Lanka. Discover the amazing blend of cultures and scenery Sri Lanka has hidden. The cycling tour will take you through villages and let you explore the day to day life of ordinary Sri Lankans – treat your curiosities with an experience that you’d usually miss during a trip to the island nation.

From Mosvold Villa : 13mn , 10Km

Stilt Fishing

This picturesque scene of seamen battling it out with beach waves on the shores of the south coast is iconic to Sri Lanka. Stilt Fishing or also known as “Ritipanna” in the traditional language, is believed to be a technique founded during the second world war and understood food shortages as the root of its discovery. The stilts consist of a single pole and crossbar planted out in the sea, on which fishermen perch while casting their lines when the currents are flowing in the right direction. View this amazing skill in the towns of Ahangama, Midigama, Weligama, Mirissa and Matara

From Mosvold Villa : 13mn , 6.2 Km

Lake Safari – Koggala

Immerse in the island life and take a boat tour in the pristine Koggala lake. Discover the enthralling experience of navigating thick mangrove forests and lake fishing.

From Mosvold Villa : 9mn , 5.9 Km

Surf In Kabalana

Kabalana Beach is home to the best beginner’s break in the country. There are some more challenging steep left and right on the beachside close to the main point. Also known as The Rock Surf Point is the best A-Frame reef break in Sri Lanka.

From Mosvold Villa : 5mn walk , 450m

Monastery Walk

As a nation filled with ancient history, Buddhism takes center stage in the Sri Lankan culture. Join a guide and take a walk in a Buddhist monastery and learn the ways of Lord Buddha that have shaped ways of this beautiful nation.